Your Rare Destination

You, my friend, are on a journey...

Your destination is rare and not well known.

Your destination is so need a guide to get you there.

You look around, see a guide and hire them.

But most guides don’t know about the destination, don’t believe in it or they’ve heard about it but try to dissuade you from going there.

One says they know the destination and the way to get there so you hire them and follow them only to find out it wasn’t the right path.

Now you are farther away than when you started.

You have bruises and cuts from being led down that wrong path. Often left to deal with the resulting trauma.

You are frustrated, hurt, angry, irritated, and ready to give up...but you know you need to get to that rare destination.

You discover some locals who have been down the path to a similar rare destination...finally, you find someone who can help point you in the right direction.

You start learning about that rare destination - what it means to you and your family, how it will change your life, and who can help guide you.

You start figuring out how to ask the guide questions before hiring them...avoiding some of the detours, scrapes, and bruises, of being led down the wrong path by the wrong guide.

Your rare destination is in sight - what a relief!

You finally reach your rare destination but’s not your final destination, so on you go on your journey, finding and hiring the right guides to help you to reach your rare destinations.

What you learn is that your rare destination is unique to you - you are the expert on your path and knowing what you need from your guide.

Some get lucky, stumble on the correct path, and hire the right guide from the start.

Others, like myself, struggle through a variety of guides that take you down the wrong paths before finding the right guides.

Don't give hope - the right guide is out there. 

Remember, it’s your journey to your rare destination!

You get to choose your path, the direction you are traveling, and your guides.

Choose wisely, my friend <3



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