Wasted appointments with the WRONG doctor

After waiting five weeks, the appointment with Dr B, the pain medicine doctor, was going well. She’s a good doctor and was helpful with my lumbar injections earlier this year. She listened and took my MCAS precautions seriously. 

I wasn’t thrilled that I had to schedule an extra appointment before getting the cervical injections recommended by my orthosurgeon, but we are used to jumping through hoops, aren’t we?

Out of the blue, she sheepishly says, “Oh, by the way, I don’t do cervical injections.”

What????  Why am I here?  And why did I wait five weeks to see a doctor who couldn’t help me?

She says she can refer me to her colleague, Dr. C, but he is very picky about doing cervical injections, so I'll need an initial consult with him before I can schedule the injections. 

Are you kidding me? I need to start over with a new doctor? Steam was coming out of my ears.  Okay, maybe not real steam but it sure felt like...

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Can the Wrong Doctor Be Dangerous?

As in so many areas of life, it is hard or often impossible to know 'what you don't know' or to recognize what hidden issues or dangers are out there.

When you are dealing with doctors and medical issues, what you don't know and the hidden dangers of staying with the wrong doctor can be disastrous and even life-threatening.

The effects of staying with 'a wrong doctor' can vary from mild frustration to long term effects on the quality of your healthcare.

Changing doctors isn't easy or for the faint of heart

I get it.  Finding, meeting and working with a new doctor is a lot of work and can be scary too.

Let's take a closer look at some of the hidden dangers of staying with the wrong doctor.

Danger #1:  Emotional or psychological effects

When a doctor is dismissive or assumes the issues are from anxiety or depression, it can have a huge impact on you and your loved one's emotional and mental health.

How many of us have been told that it is anxiety?  Or if you make them...

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